Xeikon’s Cheetah sprints to industry award

Xeikon has bagged the EDP Association’s Award for Best Label Printing Solution with its recently launched Xeikon Cheetah digital printer.

The award was presented on 20 May at FESPA in Germany for Xeikon’s most productive digital label press, which has been installed in recent months at pilot sites around the world.

Xeikon has pushed its portfolio's top production speed up 56% with the Cheetah.

Xeikon has pushed its portfolio’s top production speed up 56% with the Cheetah.

“We are convinced the Xeikon Cheetah will have a very tangible impact on customers’ businesses through a number of production gains, all at high quality,” said Xeikon CEO Wim Maes.

Filip Weymans, director of segment marketing, labels and packaging at Xeikon, said the Cheetah’s speed and quality “will help our customers to win business while opening up new markets through improved cost efficiencies and increased productivity”.

“The new press will also enable traditional label printers to adjust their workflow strategy to both improve competitiveness and expand their offerings,” he said.

“We have already seen these kinds of results at our three pilot sites. Upon the commercial launch later this year, we are certain more customers will be able to take advantage of this ground-breaking technology. We are delighted that the EDP judges agree that this press has a lot to offer to the industry, and to forward-thinking operations looking to stand out from the crowd by adding value and creativity to the print production mix.”

Xeikon Cheetah, a five-colour digital label press, runs at up to 30m/min, making it 56% faster than any other member of the Xeikon digital label press family.

Print quality is enhanced by the unique Cheetah toner, developed for high speeds and based on Xeikon’s proven ICE toner technology. The toner complies with FDA regulations for food contact and offers the ability to print opaque white toner in a single pass, according to Xeikon.

In addition, the toner’s exceptionally low fusing enables a wider range of substrates to be digitally printed at very high levels of quality. Custom toners expand the available colour gamut, especially for brand colours.

The EDP Awards were established by the EDP Association, which was founded in October 2006 by the publishers of six trade magazines with a primary editorial focus on digital production.

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