Layering UP

Sunil Jain, president of Rajoo Engineers Limited has his sights on Gulf packagers looking to shift from fivelayer to seven-layer blown films interview36
In multifoil production, Indiabased Rajoo Engineers is ready to take on rivals from all continentals in winning installations in the Gulf, according to President, Sunil Jain.
“We compete with the best in the world from Europe and sometimes with Chinese and Taiwanese,” he told Packaging MEA.
He sees the key arena as multilayer blown film line, where Ranoo has “introduced many firsts in the industry”, he said.
“This sector largely contributes to flexible packaging which is expected to grow at 12 to 15%,” said Jain.
Based in Rajkot, India, Rajoo Engineers was founded in 1986. Today it claims to be “an undisputed global player in blown film and sheet extrusion lines”. Rajoo now has customers in more than 53 countries, having debuted on international markets in 1990.
With a focus on blown film, sheet extrusion lines and thermoformers, the company considers itself as “technology-driven”. Rajoo prides itself on product innovations, adaptation, world-class quality, stateof- the-art workmanship, increased energy efficiency and high levels of sophistication and automation
In the Gulf region, the company has also established a significant installation base, he added.
“We have supplied more than 20 multifoil lines in the MEA region ranging from two layers to five layers with output ranging from 200 to 600kg/h output,” said Jain.
“These machines are catering to the flexible packaging and bulk packaging industry for various formats – non-barrier films like lamination-grade film, shrink film, and also for barrier to pack meat etc. for extended shelf life.”
But within the current market the opportunity is focused on upgrading to seven layers, he added.
“According to us, the MEA market is now upgrading from five-layer to seven-layer to take advantages of processing more expensive raw material in thin layers with the concept of ‘less is more’,” he said. “We don’t see many applications for ninelayer in the near future.”
Products with traction in the market include the company’s Lamina sheet extrusion lines. Jain describes the response as “overwhelming” since the Rajoo introduced “highoutput low-energy-consumption Lamina sheet extrusion lines” during Plastindia 2015.
“With small screw diameters, we are able to deliver higher output levels without a corresponding increase in drive or heating load,” he added.interview36-1 “The MEA market is now upgrading from five-layer to seven-layer to take advantages of processing more expensive raw material in thin layers with the concept of ‘less is more“
“These Lamina sheet extrusion lines are sold standalone or with Dispcon thermoformers… Wonderpack technology coupled with Rajoo’s market prowess continue to give us the edge making us the market leaders in India.
“Further, we have also develop high output Themoformer with tilting mould which enables us to cater to the international market with automatic stacking, counting and packing solution. Typical uses are in the disposable container industry for glasses, cups, bowls and similar items.”
Rajoo has also found success with its Foamex foam sheet extrusion lines and thermoformers offered under licence from Commodore, according to Jain.
“The end uses are once again the low-weight disposable container industry for takeaway food,” he said. “Rajoo also offers chemically foamed extrusion through blown film line and physically foamed extrusion system for PE. End uses include EPE wads, foam mattresses, packaging material for electronic items.”
Jain stresses that support for such products in the MEA is facilitated by proximity to the company’s headquarters.

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