Nivea relaunches Hand Care

Nivea’s new hand care range

New formulas come in ‘pebble-shaped’   packaging

Dubai Nivea has launched its Hand Care with improved formulas and a packaging that is “as practical as a tube yet a pleasure to touch”.

The reworked hand formulas – being marketed as offering “24-hour protec- tive care for busy hands” – come in containers designed to be “shaped like a pebble” and “soft, without any sharp edges or corners”.

“We have always said that the new packaging should be as practical asa tube yet a pleasure to touch,” saidRegine Werner, packaging lead. “When you touch the new packagingfor the first time, you are surprised how soft and flexible it is. In order to achieve this soft and flexible packaging, we had to do a lot of tests, also in combination with the new formulas. It was really challenging.”

A special material has been used to give the container a soft feel and to ensure it is also easy to squeeze, accord- ing to Nivea.

“Thanks to this, it is as functional as a tube, but still a hand-charmer,” said the company. “Besides, the range introduces a new member to the blue Nivea family: the intensive care hand cream is the   core of the range and an extension of the blue care line at the same time.”

Developing the innovative packagingwas a real challenge and involved great teamwork across different functions, according to the company.

The Nivea Hand Care range comes with five variants: Intensive Care Hand Cream contains almond oil soothes and intensively nourishes dry hands; Smooth Care Hand Cream with shea butter is marketed as making hands irresistibly smooth all day long; Express Care Hand Cream has an ultralight formula with natural sea minerals; Anti-Age Care Hand Cream with Q10 and UV filters is intended to visibly reduces the first signs of ageing with regular use; Repair&Care Hand Cream with dexpanthenol is designed to instantly relieves the feeling of extra tightness and dryness.

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