Palestine cup-making plants take off

Yavuz Eroglu: “Elite for Plastic, a model for development in the West Bank”

Turkish entrepreneur sparks development with plan for used kit

Palestine Turkish plastics executive Yavuz Eroglu has told how a factory he set up in 2008 in Hebron has triggered the emergence of several packaging plants in the West Bank.

While Ergolu’s initial goal was to dispose of equipment from his Istanbul-based thermoforming and extrusion business, his operation has pioneered plastic packaging in a location where political troubles have largely quashed development.

Elite For Plastic, a joint venture by his Turkish company Sem Plastik San. ve Tic. A.S., employs 50 in Hebron, about 20 miles south of Jerusalem, supplying markets in Israel. But the firm has also sparked wider development in the sector, he told the website.

“The last time I was there. … I was surprised that we had nine or 10 competitors producing the same product of cups,” he said. “And there are nine or 10 competitors producing paper cups. And it all started because of this moment.”

Erguolu told that Elite for Plastic was a model for development in the West Bank, where small operations would work better than large- scale investment.

He set up the plant after searching in 2006 to dispose of excess thermoforming kit without benefiting any of Sem’s rivals in Turkey. West Bank’s appeal was partly in the availability of cheap skilled labour

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