Cosmo to show speciality BOPP films for luxury items

Cosmo Films, a leading manufacturer of speciality BOPP films, will be showcasing its range of premium lamination films and synthetic paper at GPP.

Its lamination films include improved velvet, black velvet, scuff free matte, and digital lamination films. The portfolio has been designed for luxury packaging and high-end graphic lamination industries. The company’s non-tearable synthetic paper is a film engineered for various marketing and printing industry needs.

Velvet lamination films are the flagship product of the premium range, engineered to lend a rich velvet finish to the printed surface. Engineered on a special matte base film, this film is ideal for giving a premium finish to premium/luxury liquor, perfume, watches, and jewellery packs/boxes. The film can also be used for laminating products like coffee table books, high endmagazines, brochures, and manuals. Black Velvet lamination films have been recently launched to offer an intense black colour along with a velvet touch to the laminated paper/paperboard or package. It is also designed for post-lamination processes like spot UV, foil stamping, and printing.

Cosmo’s scuff free matte lamination films are designed to provides excellent resistance toscuff marks during production, transportation and handling of packs. The matte surface of the film is also ideal for post-laminating procedures such as UV spot coating, hot foil stamping, and embossing. Apart from the luxury packaging applications mentioned earlier, this film is best suited for laminating packing boxes of electronic goods like mobile phones, tablets, and power banks.

The firm’s digital lamination films are engineered to provide excellent bonding to digital printed surfaces, along with excellent optics and protection. This film is available in both gloss and matte varieties.

Cosmo’s synthetic paper is a paper looking plastic film with key features such as nontearability, paper-like appearance, moisture resistant, good lay flatness. The film is used as a replacement of paper in applications where non-tearability and weather resistance is desired.


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Cosmo films will display an extensive high-end portfolio.

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