Prati to debut Futura open-platform instant upgrades

Saturn Omnia slitter rewinder will demonstrate technology for safeguarding investment

dubaiPrati’s participation at GPP will include showcasing its Futura technology designed to protect investment through enabling immediate upgrades and full flexibility.

A Saturn Omnia slitter rewinder will feature the openplatformFutura at the Dubai trade show

Following a brief teaser campaign on the company’s official Facebook page and through other channels, Prati is releasing the Futura technology at GPP.

The new concept enables converters to immediately upgrade and adapt their equipment to keep pace with future demands, according to the Italian manufacturer.

Sales and marketing manager Chiara Prati described the product as “a truly significant step ahead” that will become “a key concept for our new generation of finishing platforms”.

Futura is intended to enable an unlimited number of instant upgrades to safeguard the initial investment in finishing equipment designed to cover a handful of market demands.

Prati said it has developed the technology so converters can adapt immediately to a fast-moving market. Futura enables on-site upgrades are available and keeps downtime to a minimum, said the manufacturer.

Prati claims a single  24-hour stoppage is enough to perform an upgrade that would previously have required six days.

“Such flexibility, which is the heart of our new open-platform concept, is like a life assurance policy,” said Chiara Prati.

“Your initial investment is always right because you’re acquiring one machine today which becomes two, three, or even four machines in one tomorrow.”

As is evident on the Saturn Omnia in Dubai, the underlying technological platform makes it remarkably easy and fast to integrate additional modules, upgrading the machine’s performance and adapting to new requirements.

Already a highly flexible solution, Saturn Omnia is the sole market solution that handles SA labels, flexible packaging, A4 sheets, wet glue labels and IML – one of the the fastest-growing label type in today’s market, according to Prati.

Saturn Omnia with Futura enables firms to envisage moving into new business areas with no increase in investment, according to the manufacturer.

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Prati is enabling on-site upgrades

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