Uflex counters counterfeiters with hologram products

Indian manufacturer’s security solutions at expo include high-end e-beam technology

Uflex Limited is all set to display myriad anti-counterfeiting and brand protection solutions at GPP with a wide assortment of Holographic Wide Web Films including soft embossing, Fresnel lens and Sterling lens embossed, hard embossing, UV embossing, high-refractive index (HRI) and window demetallised films.

HRI film also known as zinc metallised film available in transparent variant will also be on display. This film is especially used for overlay/lamination on printed substrates. After lamination, both printed matter and the holographic effect are distinctly visible. This film finds wide use in promotional packaging, offering high degree of brand protection.

A significant highlight of Uflex’s display at the exhibition will be registered Fresnel lens film on cartons for asthetics associated with high-end premium products. The effect produced by (F1 & F2) Fresnel lens is pegged as one of the most advanced security features for carrier films offering authentic and secured packaging solutions.

Industries including automobiles, food, FMCG, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics are making the most of this feature for protecting their brand identity. Uflex claims robust capabilities for offering films embossed with various shapes and sizes of Fresnel lens.

Holograms to feature at the stand are manufactured using technologies such as analogue 2D/3D conventional, dot matrix (up to 24,000 DPI), non-diffractive litho (up to 1, 20,000 DPI), and E-Beam – an expensive and sophisticated technology considered the most secure in international standards.

Visitors will also get to see increasingly popular products like holographic pouches, holographic strips, holographic scratch, holographic wads, holographic shrink sleeves. Labelling solutions using foils, Fresnel lens, and holographic effects will be showcased, along with printed labels, tamper-evident security labels, anticounterfeit labels, bar-code labels, scratch labels, thermal transfer labels, serial number labels, holographic labels. Hot and cold stamping foils will also be on display.

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