Pantec presents new high quality embellishment – UAE to have its first installation

Brussels: Swiss manufacturer Pantec specialized in Flat bed and rotary decoration equipment for narrow and wide web presses is demonstrating its flagship system Pantec Rhino IIS at the show.

Built to support both in line and offline flatbed hot foil and embossing, the new Rhino IIS has been specially developed for the narrow web market. The unit can be integrated inline with any make of narrow web press.

Presses that currently run with this integrated unit from Pantec to achieve this high-quality embellishment are Gallus, Lombardi , Nilpeter, MPS, and Rotatek. The system can be integrated on presses with web widths from 330 mm to 510 mm, whilst 406 mm (16”) whilst six individually controlled heating zones that can each perform a different function.

The unit has a rotating head to save foil and can handle any number from 20 mm (0.79”) width upwards, in both directions. The platen has a maximum capability of eight stokes/second, which equates to 30,000/hour, and matches a press speed of 120 m/min (934 fpm). The Rhino uses flatbed tools, which are cheaper to buy and easy to mount, and allows for the use of cheaper foils and rougher paper stocks.

Pantec is running live demonstrations of three foil different labels that features 3D effect registered lens, gloss-matte with transparent foil and 3D bevelled nano-embossed brand name at whopping 30,000 strokes per hour on its Rhino IIS.

Peter Frei of Pantec said that the speed of Rhino is up by 70% since its launch in 2010. “Rhino IIS is the latest in the series. It is a single-pass foil embossing system with 410×410 stamping area, revolving head, registered hologram streams and six independent heating zones.”, he added.

The machine will be commercially available from February 2018.

Distributed in the Middle East and India by Vinsak, a first installation has been done at Pragati pack in India. Mr Hemanth Paruchuri, director Pragati Pack mentioned, “It has been our endeavour to bring this quality of labels to the markets of the region. We are extremely pleased with our addition of this capability that allows us to be at par with any label printer in the world in terms of offering security features or high end finishing. We hope that this piece of Kit will add a lot of value to our capabilities.

Speaking to Packaging MEA, Ranesh Bajaj of Vinsak added that in the Middle East as well for perfume packaging, cosmetics and cigarettes, the Pantec offers un paralleled capabilities to the convertors. The UAE will soon see it’s first installation.

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