RUCO unveils specialised inks and varnish at Label Expo Europe 2017

Brussels: German ink manufacturer RUCO showed its prowess with its fully-fledged ink systems showcase for the label printing market. Speaking to Packaging MEA, Helmut Junginger, director global business said, we offer a wide gamut of ink solutions across print processes for the screen, flexo, gravure and offset printing processes.

That said, RUCO specialises in offering unique solutions on the basis of low migration inks.

Our low migration inks are silicon free and are a base for all the inks for the flexo application in the market.

Junginger adds, “it is important to have a sustainable product that has opaque colour capabilities especially for brand owners to accomplish their house colours.

Whilst the inks are important to be low migration, we need to ensure that the entire process is compliant with low migration. Inks alone being low migration wouldn’t suffice. As the need for today’s low migration is process security and stability, we need to be low migration all the way.

So RUCO has all the compliance that is needed for the decoration needs whilst the printer needs to be sure that the substrates and all other allied elements are also compliant with the low migration requirements.

So here at the Label Expo show, we are launching our flexo printing ink series UVFX-LM. This Low-migration UVFX-LM flexo printing ink meets the latest requirements of the label market. They are free from ITX, Benzophenone, 4-Methylbenzophenoneand silicone and meet the requirements of the “Nestlé Guidance Note on Packaging Inks”, Version 08-2016, Positive List 1A of the “EuPIA Suitability List of Photoinitiators” and also meets the specifications of the Swiss EDI on Consumer Goods (SR 817.023.21) regarding the external printing of food packaging. UVFX-LM inks can be applied with all commonly available UV flexo printing machines. Due to their low viscosity, they feature excellent printing characteristics” said Junginger.

Besides this special low migration ink, the company also showcased its UV rotary screen printing ink series 905UV-LM, UV rotary screen printing ink series 965UV/MA, and Series 960UV varnishes

As for the distribution and supply chain of its inks, Junginger said, “Our worldwide activities are the basis for future developments and for keeping a close eye on market needs, finding solutions in close collaboration with customers”.

RUCO caters to the MEA regional directly from its manufacturing facility in Germany.

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