Packaging MEA Unpacking the World of Packaging Wed, 21 Jun 2017 08:13:14 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Uflex develops Easy-Scoop-Lock-Tight pitcher bag for multinational food brands Wed, 21 Jun 2017 08:13:14 +0000 Uflex Limited has recently engineered an Easy-Scoop-Lock-Tight Pitcher Bag that effortlessly dispenses controlled portions of the product packed inside. The four panel bag comes with a reinforced handle on the side gusset spelling tremendous ease of carrying.

The Easy-Scoop-Lock-Tight Pitcher Bag is made of multi-layered laminate depending upon the barrier properties required by the product to be packed inside. The block bottom allows the bag to stand up without taking any support thereby enhancing the brand visibility. The pitcher bag is ideal for packaging granular products such as rice, sugar, pulses, and pet foods.

Uflex Limited’s packaging and new product development joint president Jeevaraj Pillai said, “These are medium to large sized bags capable of accommodating 3kg, 5kg and 10kg of the product. We have provided a laser perforated easy to tear opening on the side at the top of the bag which peels open to form a perfectly versatile pitcher mouth-opening that is re-closable by a special press to close (PTC) zipper.

The end-user can pour or scoop out desired quantity of the product by holding the bag with the reinforced side gusset handle, which is an integral and contiguous part of the pouch, without actually inserting hands inside the pack. This makes the handling more convenient and hygienic. The dispensing mouth that forms in the pouch prevents any spillage while pouring out unlike other pillow and conventional pouches.

“We fabricate these bags on a sophisticated, imported, capital-intensive, customized pouch making machine that works on a patented technology which automatically poses an entry barrier for other converting players to venture in. The special PTC zipper that we use for this packaging is again specialised and patented, he added.

Speaking on compliance of the product, he said, “All components used for manufacturing the Easy-Scoop-Lock-Tight Pitcher Bag are food-grade and are FDA approved. Furthermore, we use Toluene and MEK free Inks upholding our commitment towards environment, safety and wellbeing of all stakeholders across the value chain.”

“This bag can be customised for other product types as well, and we are already getting encouraging response from various FMCG brands both in India as well as overseas.”

Talking about the new product, Uflex Limited chairman and managing director Ashok Chaturvedi commented, “The Easy-Scoop-Lock-Tight Pitcher Bag is a classic example of process improvement and incrementally progressive efficient converting. We have invested in sophisticated pouch making machinery getting a clear edge above others in manufacturing the Easy-Scoop-Lock-Tight Pitcher Bag that adds to the delight of the end users thereby adding immense value to the businesses of our esteemed clients.”

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UPM Raflatac expands food labeling product range Wed, 21 Jun 2017 07:13:12 +0000 UPM Raflatac expanded their food labeling product range, with two new peel and reseal film label materials and a corresponding adhesive. Peel-Rseal PP White FTC 60 and Peel-Rseal PP Clear FTC 50 with RC512 adhesive are ideal for applications where the packaging will be opened and closed multiple times. Open-close labels make packaging more user friendly and high-performance reclosing is essential to ensure that food stays fresh.

Both these new top-coated PP film face materials are compliant with food safe regulations. Peel-Rseal PP White FTC 60 is a white solid film, whereas Peel-Rseal PP Clear FTC 50 is transparent and ideal for the no-label-look. They are best paired with RC512, a new UV acrylic adhesive specifically designed for open-close labels for food applications.

“These two new peel and reseal film products provide excellent open-close functionality for food applications,” says Jouni Iiskola, Segment Manager, Food, UPM Raflatac. “The new RC512 adhesive ensures that labels can be opened and closed multiple times while still sticking well and looking good – giving end users a positive experience and enhancing the brand image at the same time.”

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Sig combibloc launches new digital solution for traceability, digital marketing and supply chain optimisation Wed, 21 Jun 2017 06:56:52 +0000 SIG Combibloc, in partnership with Languiru, Rio Grande do Sul’s second largest production cooperative, is launching a digital solution that will provide transparency for quality and food safety, optimise production processes and enable personalised digital marketing promotions.

The project started with the launch of the Languiru “Qualidade do início ao Fim” (“Quality from Beginning to End”) dairy line. The filled aseptic carton packs from SIG Combibloc are printed with individual and unique QR codes at the time of production. In addition, the trays are printed with unique QR codes; the pallets with barcodes. This provides a convenient digital solution to monitor the supply chain and the quality process from the collection of raw material up to the milk’s industrialisation and commercialisation via a single platform. It ensures operational traceability from the raw product to the point of sale.

Using this new digital solution, Languiru can locate every single packaged product at any point in the supply chain, whether for quality crosscheck or for recalls (if necessary), resulting in greater value and protection of its brands.

To provide further convenience to consumers, when the QR code is read they are automatically directed to the website relevant for the product inside that packaging. The website is an integral part of this SIG solution and contains information on the customer’s quality system, the product and the production process, as well as an interactive interface.

“The launch of this new digital platform represents our response to three consumer mega-trends: connectivity – consumers are increasingly aware and want to receive information anywhere at any time; authenticity and trust – through total transparency of quality information, food safety and procedures to prevent fraud; and finally, natural products with a certificate of origin that are free from chemicals, genetically modified crops, among other things,” says Ricardo Rodriguez, President and General Manager SIG Combibloc Americas.

The advantages of this new technology, to be exported to more than 65 countries supplied by SIG, include the fact that it also maintains the control and management of production lines. This maximises the plant’s overall efficiency and cuts operational and investment costs by means of a specific information intelligence tool known as Power BI.

The unique QR codes also allow the simplification and customisation of promotions, such as those developed for a specific chain of supermarkets or in a specific region of the country. For this type of campaign, SIG has developed a unique application that will allow the development of rich databases for marketing and sales analysis.

The platform developed by SIG is open, enabling connection to equipment from different suppliers. The interfaces are efficient both for capturing information and for performing process data analysis to optimise manufacturing efficiencies and reduce operating and investment costs. QR codes are printed with antifraud paint.

“We have no doubt that from now on we will have a greater competitive advantage within the market compared to many other brands. The new technology enables us to offer differentiated products. Our consumers are able to trace the origin of the products right to the shelf,” says Dirceu Bayer, president of Languiru. “Besides that, we benefit from detailed end-to-end value chain performance monitoring, which will support us to continuously improve operations and logistics. SIG understood our demands and developed a tailor-made product for Languiru specifically to demonstrate this quality and thus add value to our brand”.

SIG Combibloc are suppliers of carton packaging and filling machines for beverages and food. With a turnover of € 1,724 million in 2016 the company currently has more than 5,000 employees.

In Brazil, SIG has just completed the fourth expansion of its plant in Campo Largo, with an investment of 220 million Reais (about 59 million Euro), and 500 employees.

Languiru is the second largest production cooperative in the State of Rio Grande do Sul and has approximately 6,100 associates and 2,800 employees. The company achieved a gross revenue of 1,254 million Reais (about 340 million Euro) in 2016, a growth of 10.3 %.

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Unilever to acquire Hourglass Wed, 21 Jun 2017 06:37:46 +0000 Unilever announced that it has signed an agreement to acquire Hourglass, the luxury colour cosmetics brand.

Alan Jope, President Personal Care, Unilever, said, “We are delighted to be adding Hourglass to our portfolio of Prestige brands. The colour cosmetics category has been showing high growth-rates, driven by social media content, channel diversity and democratisation of professional makeup techniques, and it therefore presents a significant opportunity. Hourglass is already a successful brand in this space, offering fantastic make-up products that also deliver skin care benefits, and we look forward to continuing to grow this wonderful brand.”

Carisa Janes, CEO Hourglass, added, “As the first colour brand in Unilever’s Prestige portfolio, we are excited about this partnership as Hourglass continues to challenge the status quo with high performance luxury cosmetics. Unilever’s commitment to innovation and social responsibility is aspirational, and perfectly aligned with our vision for the future of Hourglass.”

Terms of the deal were not disclosed. The acquisition is expected to close in Q3 2017, subject to customary regulatory approvals.

Founded in 2004 by beauty industry veteran Carisa Janes, Hourglass is known for innovation, luxe packaging and exceptional product experience. The brand is acclaimed for its breakthrough formulations and technological innovation, including the use of active ingredients in complexion products. Hourglass’s distinctive offering has secured the brand a loyal following amongst consumers who look for high performance beauty products.

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Tetra Pak’s launches new in-line blender Mon, 19 Jun 2017 09:15:37 +0000

Tetra Pak® In line Blender D consistency and saves chart

Tetra Pak has launched a new in-line blender Tetra Pak® In-line Blender D that helps dairy manufacturers improve consistency, ensure product quality and cut costs.

​At the heart of the new Tetra Pak® In-line Blender D is a sophisticated automation platform that continuously collects data and controls the precision of blending.

​“Ingredients for formulated products can be expensive. Precision of blending means consistent quality, less ingredient give-away and more cost savings for customers, and that is exactly what this new machine seeks to offer”, said Helen Sellar, Product Manager, Tetra Pak Dairy & Beverage Systems.

​“Take the typical scenario of milk production with 3.0% fat. The new Tetra Pak In-line Blender D produces at a minimal variation of +/- 0.015 grams per 100 ml, down from the average 0.050 grams in a conventional system. With a production capacity of 20,000 litres per hour, operating 20 hours per day and 350 days per year, that alone means an annual saving of up to €180,000 for a manufacturer”, explained Sellar.

​The Tetra Pak In-line Blender D handles a wide range of ingredients in the industry and can be customised to handle a variety of recipes, including flavoured milk, cheese milk, standardised milk for dairy powders, lactic acid drinks, condensed milk and liquid formulated products amongst others.​

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Dow Announces Easy Packaging Solutions is New Licensee of PacXpert™ Packaging Technology Wed, 14 Jun 2017 11:04:31 +0000 Easy Packaging Solutions, a leading converter in the French packaging market, is the newest licensee of Dow’s PacXpert™ Packaging Technology, announced the Packaging & Specialty Plastics Business of the Dow Chemical Company (NYSE:DOW). As a licensee, Easy Packaging Solutions (EPS) will be authorized to manufacture and sell the PacXpert™ Packaging Technology across Southern Europe (France, Italy, Spain) as well as Belgium. Joining the ranks of licensees Leygatech in the UK and O Kleiner in the DACH and Nordic regions, the latest partnership with EPS will take PacXpert™ to the next level in Europe.

“It has been very positive working with a packaging converter who is truly committed to and understands the value chain approach to driving packaging innovations. We knew that with Easy Packaging Solutions’ deep understanding of retailers’ needs and a rich experience in the beverage industry we had an ideal partner who could take PacXpertTM to the next level,” comments Fabrice Digonnet, Dow’s Packaging & Specialty Plastics New Business Development Leader EMEA. “Due to their vision and dedication, we were able to turn this around in six months, which is very impressive and will help the European industry transition to flexible packaging faster,” concludes Digonnet.

“Dow had exactly what we have been looking for in PacXpertTM. It has been a great collaborative project and we are very much looking forward to the many fruitful outcomes that will result from this,” said Bruno Sivieude, Easy Packaging Solutions CEO. As a result of Dow’s commitment to delivering innovative and sustainable packaging solutions and Easy Packaging Solutions’ speed of execution, the first PacXpert™ Technology packages are expected to be on the shelves in Southern Europe and Belgium by the end of 2017.

Licensed globally by Dow through an agreement with Smart Bottle, Inc., Dow also sub-licenses this exciting technology to select converters who may then leverage the technology to promote differentiated flexible packaging solutions to the marketplace.

Dow’s PacXpert™ Packaging Technology is an innovative technology that enables the transition from larger traditional rigid containers to flexible packaging. The flexible packaging design offers sustainability benefits and convenience, such as being durable, lightweight and cost effective. While flexible, the cube-shaped package is shelf stable and can stand equally well upright or on its side. The lightweight packaging design offers a fitment closure and integrated ergonomic dual handles, enabling precision pouring with no glugging, easy reclosing and convenient carrying.

Dow’s Packaging and Specialty Plastics business serves the global plastic packaging industry as materials suppliers for the fast-growing packaging segment. The business focuses on flexible and rigid food packaging, secondary and tertiary packaging, hygiene packaging, and adhesive applications.

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Heidelberg takes over Fujifilm’s coatings and pressroom chemicals operations in the EMEA Mon, 12 Jun 2017 15:51:03 +0000 Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg) announced last week that it is taking over the coatings and pressroom chemicals operations in the EMEA region of its strategic partner Fujifilm Europe BV and  is expanding into the attractive growth segment for consumables. This transaction is another step in pursuing the company’s growth strategy of developing a fully comprehensive cross-sector portfolio that is geared toward specific customer requirements. Fujifilm will continue to focus on supplying total pressroom solutions to plate customers.

“We are systematically gearing our portfolio towards profitable growth,” says Rainer Hundsdörfer, CEO of Heidelberg. “Taking over the coatings and pressroom chemicals operations of Fujifilm in EMEA is helping us become a digital company and enabling us to offer our customers a fully comprehensive portfolio ranging from technology to consumables and service.”

This transaction is a further logical step in expanding the Heidelberg consumables portfolio following the acquisition of UK coating manufacturer Hi-Tech Coatings in 2008 and the buyout of BluePrint in 2014. The company intends to further increase its sales of consumables in future. “We want to become the world’s leading supplier of consumables in our industry in the medium term,” says Hundsdörfer.

The acquired operations account for a sales volume of approx. €25 million. Heidelberg is thus roughly trebling its previous sales of pressroom chemicals and achieving a market share of around 10 percent in Europe. In the coatings sector, Heidelberg is becoming one of the world’s top five suppliers as a result of this move.

The acquisition includes, among other things, the takeover of both production sites in Reutlingen, Germany, and Kruibeke, Belgium, which employ a total of about 70 staff. Heidelberg is thus expanding its market position for consumables precisely where a megatrend for increased surface finishing and personalization on print products is driving sustained growth in demand. The transaction is envisaged to be completed by July 2017.

“Through our portfolio of high-quality consumables, we are making a productivity promise to our customers. By not only distributing these products but increasingly producing them ourselves and offering them in tandem with our equipment and service solutions, we can tailor this performance promise to the specific needs of our customers,” explains Dr. Ulrich Hermann, Head of Heidelberg Digital Business & Services.

Heidelberg’s customers in EMEA will also benefit from a wider portfolio and specialist application expertise from the company as both a manufacturer and distributor of high-quality coatings and pressroom chemicals.

“As a full-service solutions provider, Heidelberg aims to boost productivity throughout the entire print shop. This will be achieved through IT and data expertise combined with the intelligent interlinking of equipment, services, and consumables, all delivered via one platform. It is against this backdrop that we are specifically expanding our expertise,” says Hermann.

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Century Packages moves up with a KBA RAPIDA 105 PRO Sun, 11 Jun 2017 08:26:45 +0000 Pakistan based Century Packages has invested in a KBA RAPIDA 105 PRO and moved up to a medium format by joining existing three half format Rapidas.

The company has been investing regularly in sheetfed offset technology from KBA for a number of years. His company already operates three half-format Rapidas: Two Rapida 72 presses and a five-colour Rapida 75 with coater and extended delivery. In a few weeks, they are to be joined by a Rapida 105 PRO with six printing units and facilities for high-quality inline finishing, which also heralds the company’s entry into the medium-format sheetfed offset market.

Aslam Sulaiman, owner of Century Packages explains, “This step was well overdue. We need the larger format for both our packaging and commercial jobs.”

The Rapida 105 PRO is equipped for maximum flexibility, accommodating commercial and packaging printing on substrates up to a thickness of 1.2 mm. Being able to alternate between a conventional process and UV inks and coatings gives the company full planning and design freedoms, serving the interests of both the food packaging sector and high-quality cosmetics packaging. Further important features are the 450 mm raised foundations, CleanTronic Multi washing systems (including CleanTronic UV), non-stop pile changing in the delivery, and a wide range of automation modules.

Century Packages was founded in 2006 and in the meantime counts approx. 100 employees. From the very beginning, it has relied on press equipment from KBA-Sheetfed. The advanced technology of the Rapida series and the support offered by both the KBA factory in Radebeul and local sales and service partner Imprint Packaging Solutions have been the driving force for Century Packages to reinvest KBA. Century Packages have ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and HACCP certifications and are compliant with all the relevant demands of high-quality packaging for the food sector and sustainable work safety management.

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Workz declared the world’s largest scratch card producer Sun, 11 Jun 2017 07:40:50 +0000 Dubai based Workz Group, the mobile product and solutions manufacturer and serialized software developers announced today that they have been ranked as the number one scratch card manufacturer in the world by the Nilson Report, having shipped 1 billion prepaid phone cards.  The report also recognised Workz as the 13th largest manufacturer of mobile SIM cards globally, producing close to 40 million cards annually.

The report is derived based on the 976 million scratch card products produced and delivered to over 60 mobile network operators in more than 40 countries across the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe.

Commenting on the achievement, Workz CEO Brad Taylor said “It’s great to be recognised as the world’s largest scratch card producer.  In recent years, we have made significant investments in our new manufacturing facilities and developed new and efficient products like MacWhite 2.0.  We believe in offering mobile network operators the highest quality products on the market.  Nevertheless, this wouldn’t have been possible without a strong and highly-dedicated team whose principle goal is to provide the best quality scratch cards, SIM cards and packaging on the market.  It’s also a testament to the strong partnerships we have with our clients, which has enabled us to work closely together to continually improve and develop our offering.  We recognise the tough market conditions our clients are operating in, and our goal is simply to offer the lowest cost, best quality solution and add value wherever possible.”

The company has made multiple investments in its scratch card facility which hosts a 40-metre, custom-built web-based press that converts raw paper into finished product within 90 seconds and a research and development laboratory for product development testing.

The Nilson Report, a trusted source of news for the card and payment industry, audits top card and mobile manufacturers in the world.  For the complete Nilson rankings, view the Nilson Report December 2016.

Workz Group, originally established in 1997, is a leading mobile solution, secure data management and printing specialist.  The company provides the development and management of applications such as SIM operating systems and Over-The-Air remote provisioning services, mobile products such as SIM cards, scratch cards and retail packaging and supply chain expertise.  Workz has forged partnerships with over 60 mobile network operators and wireless device manufacturers delivering over 1.5 billion products each year across the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe.

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Konica Minolta debuts its digital label press for the region Sun, 21 May 2017 09:01:57 +0000 Konica Minolta launched its bizhub digital label press C71cf in the region during the recently held Gulf Print & Pack show in Dubai earlier in March this year.

The bizhub Press C71cf is a new machine aimed at the labeling and packaging industry.  This digital press particularly targets label printers that need to move print volumes to digital due to reduced run lengths, or to take advantage of the opportunities for customization and variable data printing that digital presses present.

 Nayyar Ansari, business development manager, Konica Minolta Business Solutions Middle East said, “The number of jobs that are short run with low-volume print is increasing and label printers need to complete orders within shorter lead times.

Printing demands that were difficult to fulfill with conventional flexo presses can now be processed efficiently thanks to the flexibility of digital printing.

“The bizhub PRESS C71cf is ideal for label printers who are looking to shift volumes from conventional presses to digital so they can deal with shorter print-run lengths, requests for faster delivery times, personalisation and versioning, and the production of on-demand runs.”

The bizhub PRESS C71cf claims outstanding productivity, brilliant image quality and a surprising ease of use. The innovative label printer is ideal for commercial printers looking to expand into new markets, and perfectly complements existing analogue machines.

The bizhub PRESS C71cf delivers superb colour, in a wide variety of label formats to make a huge impact on the shelf, and is suited to a wide range of applications across food and beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and other manufactured products. Labels can be printed on pressure-sensitive paper in gloss, semi-gloss or matte finish, wine stocks, white BOPP, polypropylene in matte or gloss, and other specialty substrates.

“As we look at the global as well as regional label production business, there are print solutions to meet the needs of the top and bottom sectors of the print pyramid whilst there is a huge gap in the middle, and at Konica Minolta, we are keen to explore and address this need.

According to Infotrends, 60% of the labels printing volumes are in the range of 10,000 and below. So, this is the market we want to get into,” added Nayyar.

Ansari said, “The bizhub PRESS C71cf demonstrates Konica Minolta’s commitment to helping commercial printers open up new opportunities for revenue in a changing print market by delivering new technologies and innovations that help professional printers produce high quality products that are flexible enough to meet market demand.

“The bizhub PRESS C71cf ticks all the boxes for short-run label printing in high-quality colour, and is ideal for commercial printers looking to expand into the label print market to take advantage of this growing area of print.”